lismore-counsellingNorth Coast Counselling & Psychotherapy provides Mullumbimby and Byron Bay based counselling and psychotherapy services in Northern NSW. We work with:

  • Anxiety – general, social and panic disorders
  • Depression including major and situational disorders
  • Bi-polar and borderline personality disorders
  • Life changes ¬†including identity/spiritual crisis
  • De-personalisation/Dissociation
  • OCD including obsessional thinking disorders
  • Grief and loss
  • Trauma including childhood trauma
  • Anger management
  • Stress management
  • Addictions – alcohol, drugs, gaming and porn
  • Sexual identity including LGBT issues
  • Communication breakdowns
  • Recovery from affairs re-establishing trust from betrayal
  • Sexuality issues including libido, intimacy, desire¬†discrepancies and dysfunction

The most important aspect of our work together as therapist and client will be the development of an honest, authentic and supportive relationship. The therapeutic relationship is the key to change and healing. Therapeutic technique is only a small part of the solution. What matters is that the therapist respond to a clients concerns in a genuine caring and compassionate way that develops a sense of trust and safety in their client. It’s the sense of safety and trust that allows you to be vulnerable, knowing that you are competently and safely held.

My approach is centred in the present, the past is only as relevant as how it plays into the now. Your concerns, your thoughts and feelings in the here-and-now are what we work with. My years of meditation practice have taught me the benefits of non-judgemental acceptance of whatever arises. My approach flows from this place and provides you with a supportive space to allow the changes that you need, to happen.

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